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The general public may know of DC Comics’ most iconic team, the Justice League. The Bond has been the celebrated beacon of hope in the universe for many years. Their adventures have inspired many storylines and confirmed their place in comic book history, even though their venture on the best screen was difficult.

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The League is indeed DC’s most overwhelming success, but the comic book station has more than a few teams in its ever-expanding universe. From teenage teams to supervillain encounters, DC has no shortage of organizations, and most of them are still debuting in the chaotic but still promising DCEU.

10 Infinity, Inc.

Infinity Inc.  Team photo

Legacy and tradition play a prominent role in many of DC’s superhero team. In fact, many of the company’s teams include the children or successors of previous superheroes. Infinity, Inc. consists, for example, of the children and heirs of the original Justice Society of America.

The original Infinity, Inc. contains heroes such as Brainwave Jr., Fury, Jade and Northwind. Years later, a second version of the team sponsored by Lex Luthor would appear. The team was never a leading player in DC’s superhero landscape, but still played prominent roles in important events such as Crisis on infinite earth and Infinite crisis.

9 The eternal people

Cover for Jack Kirby's The Forever People

Most comic book fans know the infamous Darkseid, probably the best villain in DC. The character is one of the most powerful beings in the universe and the most famous member of the New Gods. But not all gods are evil; some are actually superheroes, many of whom are part of the Forever People.

Based on Earth, but derived from New Genesis, is the Forever People vs. Darkseid. Members include Beautiful Dreamer, Big Bear and Serifan. The team can use a Mother Box and change location with the legendary hero Infinity Man and ask him to fight on their behalf. The Forever People would probably have played a role in the now canceled New gods film, but perhaps they will eventually find their way to the DCEU.

8 The Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol comic book cover

During the early days of the silver era, the Doom Patrol established itself as a consistent but never excellent title in DC. The main leads the team, which includes ‘the world’s strangest heroes’, characters whose gifts make them fall into society. Along with the main characters in the original series were Robotman, Elasti-Girl and Negative Man.

With a rogues gallery featuring characters such as the gorilla Monsieur Malla and the infamous Animal-Vegetable-Mineral Man, the Doom Patrol quickly gained a reputation for being just as bizarre as its members. The status of the Doom Patrol has increased over the past few years thanks to the eponymous show currently airing on HBO Max. And while it takes place in a separate continuity, positive reception could lead Warner’s packs to incorporate it into the DCEU.

7 The outsiders

DC's outsiders

Like many other DC teams, the outsiders have gone through several repetitions over the years. The original incarnation, led by Batman after his relationship with the Justice League was strained, included heavy hits such as Halo, Geo-Force and Black Lightning. Future versions of the team would include new leadership by Nightwing and Arsenal, but the Bat would regularly find its way back into the mix.

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The outsiders make several dubious actions during the year, leading to the departure of figures such as Nightwing, Marsmanhunter and Catwoman. The team members often act as vigilant, taking more than once an “end justifies the middle” approach, making them ideal for the DCEU’s darker approach to heroism.

6 The secret association of supervillains

Several DC villains together as the Secret Society of Super Villains

DC has some of the most iconic comics of all time. From Lex Luthor to Ra’s al Ghul, these terrifying figures are one of the most cartoonish antagonists of the comic book giant. DC villains often work together in the comics, but no union is more dangerous than the Secret Society of Super Villains.

The original line-up of the Secret Society, which made its debut during the last years of the Bronze Age, included Luthor, Gorilla Grodd, and the Manhunter, among others. A future version led by Alexander Luthor Jr. contains icons such as Deathstroke, Talia Al Ghul and Black Adam. In all its repetitions, the Secret Society poses a significant threat to DC’s heroes. The DCEU alluded to the arrival of the Society with the post-credit scene in Justice League, but the plans never came. Hopefully, sooner or later, the Society will find its way to the big screen.

5 The Teen Titans

The Teen Titans are one of the most popular DC team members. The Titans experienced the pinnacle of fame in its comics thanks to the now iconic Judas Contract storyline in 1984, featuring the team’s most famous series Robin, Wonder Girl, Kid Flash, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire and Raven.

The Titans have fought several threats over the years, though Deathstroke remains their most iconic opponent. The series Titans, currently broadcasting its third season, introduced the team to a new generation and reaffirmed its broad appeal. It may take a while, but given their fame and versatility, it shouldn’t be long before the Titans get to the big screen.

4 Justice League Dark

Justice League Dark Wallpaper

The supernatural corner of DC has its own team of heroes, the Justice League Dark. The original series consists of Constantine, Zatanna, Madame Xanadu, Deadman and Shade. Future incarnations will also include prominent figures such as Swamp Thing and even Wonder Woman.

The Justice League Dark deals with terrifying villains and situations that are considered beyond the scope of the traditional Justice League. Most of the members have magical and supernatural powers, which contribute to the series’ ominous tone. The Justice League Dark is like nothing that currently exists in the DCEU. The gruesome maestro Guillermo del Toro tried for years to make a film about the team, but plans never materialized. In 2020, Warner announces that JJ Abrams will be developing a shared universe for the Justice League Dark, including movies and TV series.

3 Young justice

Young Justice DC Comics Team

At first glance, Young Justice may seem like a waste of the Teen Titans. The Young Justice did indeed appear when the Teen Titans became the ‘teen’ part of their name and simply became the Titans. Young Justice initially focused on three core members – Superboy, Robin and Impulse – before expanding to most teenagers in the DC universe.

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The Young Justice returns to modern continuity in 2011, thanks to the tandem of an animated show and a new comic book series. The team is more famous these days than ever, with the fourth season of the animation program premiering on October 21st. What better time is there to introduce this light-hearted but capable team in the DCEU? If the MCU can have the Young Avengers, the DCEU must have the Young Justice.

2 Legion of superheroes

The Legion of Super-Heroes is one of the longest serving teams in DC. The Legion, which debuted during the last years of the Golden Age, were time travelers of the 30th century, closely associated with the original Superboy. The team included Lightning Boy, Saturn Girl and Cosmic Boy, who are traveling Superboy to the future to take him into their ranks.

The Legion underwent several restarts in the ensuing years, while their story received more attention in modern times. The team also had live action Smallville and Super girl, although both ended up being quite overwhelming. The Legion deserves a chance to come into the spotlight; their powers are not only interesting and diverse, but their story is also scientific dreams. On top of that, it may be the right amount of absurdity for the overly serious DCEU to see some of the most eclectic members of the group, such as Brainiac 5 or the ridiculous name Matter-Eater Lad.

1 The Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Corps

The Green Lanterns are a cornerstone of DC comics. Moreover, their power and importance are comparable in the comics, and the influence of the corps reaches every corner of the universe. They are also a unique and fascinating organization, with a complex structure that successfully incorporates political and social issues into the traditional comic book setup.

The Green Lantern property has significantly damaged its reputation thanks to the disastrous version of the live action with Ryan Reynolds. However, enough time has passed, and it is time for the corps to arrive at the DCEU. An upcoming HBO Max show focuses on the Green Lantern Corps, including Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, and it may not come soon enough. Because on its blackest night, the DCEU could really make use of the Green Lantern light.

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