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In the aftermath of Doctor Strange’s death, the Vampire Nation will be invaded by other-dimensional entities, forcing Blade to take sides.

After the death of Dr. Strange, Blade going to war with Dracula’s Vampire Nation. Marvel is released this December Death of Doctor Strange: Blade # 1, a single survey examining the aftermath of Doctor Strange’s impending death, especially among the earth’s vampires – which Strange once wiped out with a spell!

Blade’s unique powers give him all the strengths of a vampire without vulnerability to sunlight. He swore to hunt and exterminate every single vampire, and he crossed paths with many Marvel heroes during this quest, who recently joined the Avengers. Blade’s arch-enemy, Dracula, made bold moves through the Marvel universe until late, connecting him with the Russian Winter Guard and founding the Vampire Nation. Dracula also secretly harvested blood from mutants and other superhumans, with a view to armament. In an effort to rationalize his actions to the outside world, Dracula explained that he simply wants a place where vampires can exist peacefully, similar to the mutant homeland of Krakow. Blade got the upper hand and was appointed sheriff of the Vampire Nation, looking to Dracula to ensure he stays in line. Meanwhile, the death of Doctor Strange is approaching.

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In a recent press release, Marvel revealed plot details as well as a preview of the cover. The Vampire Nation celebrates the death of Dracula’s old enemy, Doctor Strange. Blade, however, must put aside his anger over his disrespect when entities from another dimension invade the Vampire Nation and endanger everyone. Blade faces a dilemma as his duty as sheriff means he has to protect the monsters he has been trying to eradicate all his life. BossLogic’s cover shows Dracula and Blade fighting side by side against the invaders, but Blade decides at the last minute to get rid of previously useful vampires. The book was written by Danny Lore, with art by Dylan Burnett – enjoy the cover and summary below.

Some time ago, Doctor Strange destroyed every vampire in the world with a spell, including Dracula. Now, with Strange dead, celebrate Dracula’s Vampire Nation! It does not fit too well with Strange’s old friend, and the new Vampire Nation sheriff, Blade the Vampire Hunter! But what happens if intruders from another dimension enter the area of ​​the vamp and endanger the lives of all the leeches? Will Blade do his duty to protect them? Or will he help make sure the vampires stay wiped out this time?

Dracula and Blade fight red-clad invaders from another dimension

Fans have to wait until December 1 to find out if Blade will fight with Dracula or against him. The dilemma Blade faces here continues from its arc Avengers. Blade has struggled to reconcile his past as a ruthless vampire killer with his new role as one of the most powerful heroes on earth. While Blade took the UN-backed position as the sheriff of the Vampire Nation to thwart Dracula’s plans, he swore to a higher goal. Blade’s anger towards vampires is still real, and in Death of Doctor Strange: Blade # 1, he must decide between his principles as a hero and his urge to wipe out the dead for good.

One of Marvel’s biggest attractions The Death of Doctor Strange This is how it will change the mystical status quo of the Marvel universe, leading to new threats and many awkward alliances, and it seems like little will be affected by this change more than Blade. So far, his new role has been little more than an excuse to kill vampires, but if Blade can the Vampire Nation show that he will support a sincere effort to live in peace, can the vampire hunter begin to turn the tide against Dracula and make his latest evil conspiracy for the dead a new beginning?

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