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Chris Hemsworth looks more muscular than ever as he shows off his intense workout routine for Extraction 2, which starts filming later this month.

Chris Hemsworth is working hard to prepare his body Withdrawal 2. The upcoming film is a sequel to Netflix’s 2020 action thriller, based on the graphic novel, Town. Directed by Sam Hargrave and produced by the Russo brothers, Withdrawal Hemsworth saw the role of an army veteran in the army tasked with rescuing the son of an Indian drug lord abducted in Bangladesh. The film also starred David Harbor, Randeep Hooda, Golshifeth Farahani and Pankaj Tripathi.

While some critics turn Withdrawal many viewers praised the heavenly performance of the film and the exciting battle scenes of the film for its crowded suit. It’s by far Netflix’s most original film to date, with 99 million households tuning in during the first month of its release. Due to its success, a sequel was confirmed, with Hemsworth repeating his role as Tyler Rake. Filming begins later this month, and the Thor the actor prepares to go to the set.

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In a new Instagram video, Hemsworth shared his latest workout with the whole body as he prepares to film his scenes Withdrawal 2. The video shows the 38-year-old actor looking more muscular than ever during his fitness routine. Hemsworth wrote in the caption, “Make up for [Netflix’s] Withdrawal continued.“He demonstrates an intense exercise program prepared by his fitness program, Centr, while showing his determination and progress. Watch the actor’s video below:

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While fans are used to Hemsworth looking muscular and fit like Thor, the actor said he’s now focusing on his “agility, strength and speed” for the coming Withdrawal prosecute. The Australian actor will reportedly also play WWE wrestler Hulk Hogan in an untitled biography. Meanwhile, some of his MCU stars have reacted to his cruel workout. Spider-Man: far from home star Jake Gyllenhaal left two bicep emojis in the comments, while Thanos actor Josh Brolin wrote: “Damn! Once I’ve finished this pizza, I’m going to do it.” Even DCs Aquaman star Jason Momoa answers and calls Hemsworth a “boss.”

Thanks to his decade-long time as the God of Thunder in the MCU, Hemsworth is no stranger to playing physically demanding roles. But, Withdrawal 2 can the action star perform more realistic stunts than ever before. While the first movie got flanked because of the elements of “White Savior,” it gave viewers some beautiful recording sequences. If the sequel follows the same formula, it will definitely give Netflix another hit, and it will further strengthen Hemsworth’s status as one of Hollywood’s most bankable action stars.

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