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Don Mancini answered questions about his new series, Chucky, in a panel on Monday, which also includes series star Jennifer Tilly ahead of the premiere of the program on the USA / SyFy in October. The series revolves around Chucky and reunites him with a number of characters from the past three decades, including Andy Barclay, the arch-enemy of the demon doll, played by Alex Vincent, who plays his role, Nica Pierce, played by Fiona Dourif, and Kyle, Andy foster sister played by Christine Elise. During the TCA panel, Mancini discussed the 8-part series and addressed why the series after so many films will explore the past of the infamous Charles Lee Ray.

“Exploring Charles Lee Ray’s origins was something the fans wanted to see and have been asking for literally for decades now,” Mancini said. ‘And one of the reasons I was excited to take the franchise on television was because, with so many storytelling properties, eight hours Chucky, I was offered such a wonderful opportunity to explore things, among other things. But yes, so one of the things I was most excited about doing the show was researching the origins of Charles Lee Ray. “

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Although there is always a feeling of trembling for recharging and redevelopment, it is one thing Don Mancini I was determined that this series is completely an old style of a Chucky project that does not reflect its old characters in any way.

“One of the things that was important to me was that we could keep all aspects of the franchise that the fans like, one of which is the gore, the other of which of course Chucky’s tendency is to drop bombs,” he said. Mancini said. “We also have the habit of bringing actors back in different roles from film to film. We did that before Ryan Murphy started doing it with the repertoire he put together. American horror story. So, even if someone dies, he can return to another role. I started doing this with Jennifer back in the 90’s. “

While the series is welcomed by fans of the original franchise, Jennifer Tilly mentioned the 2019 reload Kids Games, which did not involve her or Mancini and replaced Brad Dourif with Mark Hamill as the voice of the doll, and it comes at a time when the series was already in production, and it put a small key in the work.

“It’s a little shrinking in things, because we’re a little like, ‘Well, now, where do we belong in Chucky’s universe? “She said.” And the film was apparently very well and very well judged. But the fans, I do not know. Remember they came out with New Coke and that everyone liked Coke Classic better, so they brought back the old Coke and now they call it Coke Classic. I think it’s a similar thing. I mean, people, they like the original Chucky with the voice of Brad Dourif. “

Chucky arrives in the US / SyFy on October 12 to wreak havoc this Halloween.

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