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Gabrielle Union reflects on her breakthrough performance in Bring It On, and wishes she could allow her character to be angrier and less ‘appropriate’.

Actress Gabrielle Union reflected on her performance in Bring it onand notes that she regrets that she did not allow her character to be more demonstratively angry. Starring Kirsten Dunst opposite Union, the cult cheerleading classic was released in 2000. Bring it on followed by a number of sequels from live to video, although none of Dunst, Union or their co-stars Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford appeared.

The comedy follows Dunst’s suburban cheerleading team as they compete to win another national title, only to learn that their former captain stole routines from a rival group of Black cheerleaders in East Compton. Union’s portrayal of Isis, the captain of the East Compton Clovers, is considered her breakthrough role. Directed by Peyton Reed, who later became the Ant-Man franchise, Bring it on did she celebrate 20ste birthday last year, with fond memories of role players and fans.

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Per THR, Union commented on her 21-year-old actions during the conversation Good morning americanoted that she chose to “muzzle“Her character and make her”appropriate. Afterwards, more than twenty years, Union regrets her portrayal of Isis and wishes the character would express the full extent of her anger. “I realized I needed to intervene and admit where I had failed Isis, ”Said Union. Read more about Union below:

‘I got the full reach to do what I want with Isis in Bring it on, and I chose respect and to be stylish and take the big road because I felt it would suit her, the right kind of black girl … Black girls may not be angry. Definitely not demonstratively angry, and I made fun of her … I felt sorry for her, this decent, friendly leader, and I was still a villain in the movie because she wanted to hold her accountable for theft of their work product and the cultural appropriation. I did all the shape shifting for a character while not even realizing that I was doing it to myself as well. I did not allow myself the full extent of my humanity. ”

Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst in Bring It On

As Union noted above, part of her reasoning is to portray Isis as “”gracious leader‘Was an attempt to prevent her from insulting her character. Unfortunately, some viewers still viewed Isis as the bad guy, which made Union’s efforts somewhat useless. Peyton Reed and screenwriter Jessica Bendinger rebuked such perceptions in public, declaring that the tension within Bring it on is not so personal in an individual, but it is the issues of cultural theft, appropriation and facing your own moral compass.

The memories and regrets of Union point to a self-reflective shift in her career as the actress has now written two memoirs-2017s We’ll need more wine and her latest issue, Do you have anything stronger? Recently, she starred in the comedy crime series, LA’s Finest. Still calling for another Bring it on the sequel grew after the film’s birthday, and Union teased an original reunion. If she does repeat her role as Isis, the actress might leave the character and portray her as Union hopes:her full humanity. ”

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