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90-year-old fiancé star Angela Deem is showing off her skinny body this year, after having happy weight loss surgery during season 6.

Long time 90 day fiancé star Angela Deem spent her 2021 showing what she looks like after her massive weight loss, by posting several steamy photos. The wife of Michael Ilesanmi documented her transformation journey 90 day fiancé: happy ever? season 6, which includes that she received five procedures in August 2020. She received a breast reduction, liposuction, a tummy tuck procedure and more. After Angela’s collapse at the Tell All, her relationship status with Michael became complicated. Since Angie openly asked “good attentionOf other men, her Instagram already speaks.

During Angela’s last trip to Nigeria for her January 2020 wedding to Michael, she noticed that she was just putting on weight. While 90 day fiancé Angela’s grandchildren blamed it on her love of sweets, and Angela could not explain the reason for her 20-25 pound weight gain. Angela, who is rarely seen without a cigarette hanging between her fingers, feels that the extra weight is causing health problems. For example, she would become out of breath while shopping. Angela claims that she made the weight loss to look younger to Michael and to live longer for her family. However, the process involved her flirting with doctors and rioting the Nigerian Michael. This performance earned her fans.

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She was also called out. Since Angela Deem claims that Michael was partying while recovering from her many surgeries, she was dragged for her double standards and to hang out with Dr. Michael K. Obeng. The quarrel over the 90 day fiancé The reunion episode was focused on trust issues and babies until Angela Michael blamed not supporting her surgery or standing up for her during her fight with Aunt Lydia. Angela told Michael that she was going to live on her own terms and cross the visa bridge when they got there. Meanwhile, Angela has been spotted making new friends and attending several Instagram attendees, while showing off her size 11 appearance with various stories and selfies.

Angela officially unveils her 90-pound weight loss

It was in March that Angela shocked the TLC fan community with a glossy photo showing her weight loss. “Meet the new Angela“read the Our Weekly an article in which she quoted the transformation ”total lifestyle change. In the photos, 90 day fiancé the cast Angela wore her hair and the “thereafter‘Photos showed her wearing an iconic red outfit and a denim and stylish combination with shiny black heels. “I’m glad to show you these amazing photos of me,Angela wrote in her caption, which was also made 90 day fiancé: the other way star Ariela Weinberg asks: ‘now that you’re probably excited to buy clothes when we go shopping? ”

Angela performs a dance fight with ‘Oko Mi’ Michael

In an April post by Angela, which was copied from her TikTok page, she showed off her dance moves with her husband Michael. Angela dressed in a blue maxi dress, engraved to the tune of “Funky Cold MedinaIn a video next to each other with Michael. Fans enjoyed the post, when they could see Angela’s new confidence as she showed off her fit figure. Many fans thought it was impressive to watch Michael and Angela keep the spark alive in their long-distance relationship with dance.

Angela summoned for shilling weight loss gummies

The controversial 90DF regularly Angela regularly gets a lot of criticism in her comments on Instagram. These days, Angela is seriously mocked for her treatment of Michael during the Tell All. Fans shared that they are ashamed of him. However, Angela, trying not to be bothered by the negativity, tried to distract with a new weight loss update. While wearing a fashionable sports bra and leggings, with her hair high in her distinctive blonde ponytail, Angela promoted some flat bellies. The 90 day fiancé star Angela has received many complaints from her followers, who have bothered her because she participated in ‘fake ads“Because they knew her weight loss would be achieved by going under the knife. Angela’s weight loss blinds, but there is a downside.

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