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Shared with you is one of the many new features available with iOS 15 that allows users to share media from different Apple apps via messaging.

Apple’s iOS 15 is now available for iPhone and Shared with you provides users with a way to share content more easily through compatible applications. Along with Shared with You, iPhone users can also benefit from updates to Apple Maps and an improved Weather app thereafter download iOS 15This is in addition to a number of other features, including Walking Steadiness designed to help users track their balance.

Apple first announced the latest iOS software update during WWDC 2021 in June along with corresponding updates for iPad, Mac and the Apple Watch. The first beta for developers became available on June 9, after which the launch of the public beta on June 30. With the stable and user-friendly version now available, iOS 15 can be installed on iPhone models dating from the iPhone 6S. However, some features are only available on newer iPhone models. For example, Apple Music spatial audio support is only available for the iPhone 7 and newer, while portrait mode in FaceTime requires at least an iPhone XS.

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Shared with you enables users to share content via the Messages app from supported iPhone apps, including Apple Music and Apple TV. The rest of the supported app list is currently limited to Safari, Apple Photos, Podcasts and News. Each app now has its own shared with your section where everything shared is automatically saved. Finding this section depends on the app, although they are generally in similar locations. The section Shared with you is found, for example, in the Listen now tab on Apple Music or below Look now when using Apple TV. WeUsing the messaging app, saving in this section per conversation can also be disabled. To do this, open the sms conversation, tap on the user’s name and then dial ‘Point in shared with you“Off.

How to share content with others

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Since there are several programs, the instructions on how to share content may differ slightly. For example, if you are using the Apple Music or News app, tap on the relevant media and click on the three dots’More‘button, and then select’Share song‘or ‘Share album‘(or’Share story ‘ in News). From there, tap ‘Messagesand select the contact before clicking send. Select the video, website or image in the Apple TV, Safari or Photos app, tap on the ‘Share‘button, select Messages, select a contact and send the message. Lastly, if you have a Podcast episode, tap on the ‘More‘button followed by’Share‘and then’Messages ‘ before selecting and sending a contact.

The end goal with Shared with You is to provide users with a simple way to quickly access songs, videos, articles, and other content previously shared through the Messages application. Although several apps are involved, Apple has tried to simplify the process and experience with a few extra features. For example, the ability to pin content and even reply directly within the section with you shared from one of Apple’s applications.

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