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Players who want to refine rare gems or make a powerful Arcana staff must find and farm Life Motes, a Tier 2 source in New World.

New world players can use Life Motes to cut and make a variety of alchemical recipes for bricks. Cut Diamond and Onyx, for example, require Life Motes to be polished at a Stonecutter. A Life Mote is a Tier 2 resource that can refine players in its Tier 5 counterpart, Life Quintessence. Players with a high enough level in Arcana can use these Life Essences to set up legendary magic weapons New world, like the Windsinger.

Life Motes can be found in random Alchemy supplies or crates, but the most reliable way to collect them is by farming with their harvestable nodes in Aeternum. With the exception of Weaver’s Fen, every type of Life Mote farm is fairly evenly distributed around the world, so players can happily never find themselves too far away.

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There are three primary ways to find Life Motes New world. The first way is to harvest a white Lifebloom, and the second is to exploit Lifejewel. The third source of Life Motes is Lifemoths, a fairly large lepidopteran that can be observed by its pale, glowing body. Rescue Flowers and Life Jewel must almost always drop Life Motes, along with other manufacturing materials. However, Lifemoths may or may not yield Life Motes, as the chances are less.

Where to find and farm grocery stores in the new world

New World Lifemoth

Lifebloom – Windsward & Monarch’s Bluff

New world life blood map

Lifebloom grows primarily within Windsward and Monarch’s Bluff, but a few decent gathering places have also been spread across First Light. Players need a sickle and level 30 in the harvest to collect the Life Motes from the magic plant. After reaching level 45, New world players will also be able to see Lifeblooms in the area on their HUD compass.

Lifejewel – Great Cleave, Mourning Dale and Restless Shore

New World Life Jewels Card

Lifejewel nodes spawn in the upper regions of Aeternum, mainly in Great Cleave, Mourning Dale and Restless Shore. The largest and most productive mining group for the Life Motes collection is located on the south side of Great Cleave. Lifejewel nodes were also scattered along the east coast of Aeternum, especially in Mourning Dale and Restless Shore. Players must have a mining level of 100 to mine Lifejewel. This is a somewhat high level requirement, so players will need to focus on the level of their mining skills by collecting silver or gold ore New world.

Lifemoth – Shattered Mountain, Edengrove and Ebonscale Reach

New world moths map

Although many Lifemoth roads can be found in Ebonscale Reach, players must choose Shattered Mountain and Edengrove for the Liver Mote. In this place, Lifemoth roads are very much merged. There is no level requirement to farm with Lifemoths, but players will be able to follow them on their compass after hitting Harvest Level 175.

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