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Jenny Slatten asked that she want a mission visa by becoming a devoted Hare Krishna after a temple visit while Sumit kept trolling her.

Jenny Slatten is subsequently criticized 90 day fiancé: the other way showed her how to visit an ISKCON temple in India while she had ulterior motives. With each episode of the 90 day fiancé spin-off season 3, TLC viewers discover a new obstacle that prevents Jenny from marrying Sumit. The loophole of the dedicated Hare Krishna was explored by Jenny in episode 3 and when she changed the name of Lord Krishna 108 times, she released her intention to come to the temple with the volunteers and the priest. Since then, fans have been calling out Jenny and accusing her of shamelessly insulting and disrespecting religion on TV.

For Jenny, a Palm Springs retiree, the option of leaving India and returning every six months is expensive. When the non-religious Jenny is notified of a mission visa, she jumps at the opportunity and rushes to a temple. Everything went well, while Jenny let go of her tension and complained that Sumit’s parents were the bad guys in her relationship with the Hare Krishna devotees. But Jenny was sad again when the priest of ISKCON informed her that it would take her 10 years to meet the requirements for sponsorship of the visa.

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Ajay told Jenny: ‘Missionary means missionary, you know?When she saw her eyes widen, when she heard that she needed to become a dedicated, full-time devotee. It is clear that Jenny only wanted to marry Sumit and would find a way to keep her in the country and there was no intention to serve the temple all day. On Twitter, 90 day fiancé said that the Hare Krishna devotees who taught Jenny how to pray had never met anyone trying to join their religion to get a mission visa … until they met Sumit’s partner. In the answers, a TLC viewer @AdrienneAurora written, “It seems they would deny her that she knows she has ulterior motives. Another fan @ mk81825553 said, “Stop teaching Jenny now scamWith a palm palm emoji.

On the 90 day fiancé subreddit, u / Traditional-Fox6018, asked why Jenny would even think that a visit to a temple and a hymn would secure a mission visa once. Fans agreed that Jenny could easily do the six-month visa route and return after two months, which sounds pretty normal instead of walking a pillar to post a void or begging Sumit to marry her repeatedly . While fans were proud of Jenny who rushed to Sumit during the previews, it’s the same old story of her pursuit, which got worse as she tried to twist the religion’s rules for her own benefit, or worse, “committing immigration fraud”, As you / PandZiedmic noticed.

The whole segment was painful to watch for fans who feel like the priest is also offended by Jenny’s struggles. When Jenny shared a photo of herself on a Lord Krishna idol on Instagram, her faith is questioned by fans who know she has no interest in learning more about the faith and could fall for Sumit at any level. A preview for episode 4 of 90 day fiancé: the other wayshows, however, that Jenny puts her foot down and whines that she ‘play this game“With Sumit. But fans know the gullible Jenny and are apparently waiting to know what the next step of Sumit will be, unless she decides to pack her bags and return to the US

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90 day fiancé: the other way will be broadcast on Sundays at 20:00 EST on TLC.

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