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The family of Kyland Young has released a statement on social media about his choice words for Xavier Prather after his eviction from Big Brother 23.

Kyland Young’s family released a statement on social media about his last interaction with Xavier Prather when he left home Big Brother 23 house. The whole season, the BB23 role-playing was celebrated for its diversity among the domestic guests. After 22 seasons, a black contestant has never won Big brother in the USA. In an attempt to correct it incorrectly, the six black players went on BB23 formed the Cookout Alliance and all came together to Final 6.

In many ways, Big Brother 23 was a historic season of charismatic characters, skilled players and a lot of diversity. When the Cookout allies started shooting each other, Tiffany Mitchell was finally the first to be evacuated, followed by Hannah Chadda’s subsequent elimination at the Double Eviction. Alas, Kyland did not expect him to be next. On his way out, Kyland blew Xavier’s decision to target him by implying that Xavier was a coward and X.’s status as a role model for his cousin surfaced.

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Now friends and family from Kyland have released a statement on Instagram (included below) about his last interaction with Xavier in the BB23 house. “Kyland let this week and his emotions get him the best,” they wrote, “We know it will be a humble and enlightening experience for him.” So it seems that Kyland’s loved ones do understand that his remarks to Xavier were not well received by the public. Unfortunately, his family members also showed some love for Kyland. “It’s one of the many things we love about Kyland – he’s always willing to learn from his mistakes.” Finally, Kyland’s loved ones do not want his last interaction with Xavier to erase everything they have achieved together through the Cookout Alliance.

The family of Kyland Young addresses his drama with Xavier Prather on Big Brother 23

Very Big brother fans were shocked by Kyland’s last words to Xavier, considering how close they were all season and how obviously hurtful and personal his statements were. In general, an injured Kyland tried to argue that he thought Xavier wanted to face a strong player in the big final. But Ky tried to convey the message by giving Xavier’s place as a role model to his cousin. Xavier literally asked Kyland to stop talking about his cousin at that moment, but Kyland doubled his point and worried that their argument might turn into something worse.

At this point it is very clear that Xavier will win Big Brother 23, which he worked very hard to get. However, this interaction between Kyland and Xavier will unfortunately go down in reality TV history, just as Nicole Franzel tore up when Cody Calafiore cut her Big Brother 22: All-Stars. Hopefully Xavier and Kyland find a closure between them after the show.

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Big Brother 23 will be broadcast on CBS on Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 20:00 EST / PST.

Source: Kyland Young / Instagram

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