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Mahershala Ali replaced Denzel Washington as the leader in Leave The World Behind. He will star opposite Julia Roberts in the Netflix thriller.

Mahershala Ali replaces Denzel Washington as the lead role in the upcoming Netflix thriller Leave the world behind. The film is based on the novel by Romanian Alam, an apocalyptic story that follows a couple, Amanda and Clay, during an idyllic weekend getaway with their children. When the owners of the house they rent, Ruth and GH, show up amid a mysterious power outage that has swept through New York, relationships are investigated and put to the test while the dividing line between family and girlfriend blurs.

Julia Roberts will play the lead role Leave the world behind opposite Ali in a co-starring role. The actress will also be producing the film under her banner Red Red Films. Little is known about the adaptation, including what character Roberts will play. Denzel Washington was also a star when the project initially landed on Netflix, but now another star will take on his role.

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Deadline reported that Ali would now play the role that Washington would play. The report does not indicate whether he will play Clay or GH, Leave the world behind has no production date.

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Leave the world behind is another film that Ali can add to his upcoming roster. Although the actor has worked since 2003, he has appeared in everything The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1 and Part 2 on House of Cards, it was his Oscar performance in Barry Jenkins’s Moonlight which Ali put on the map. Ali would again win the best male supporting actor for Green book and now he has even bigger projects.

Ali is the star of the MCUs Blade film, which recently found its director but has not yet received a release date. It is unclear which film he will shoot first, but Leave the world behind is an enclosed story that takes place in one place over a short weekend. This means he can film the film fairly quickly before taking on the more time-consuming superhero role.

Leave the world behind could also land Ali (and Roberts) in the awards deal when it’s released. Despite being a tale of an impending apocalypse, it is light on a global spectacle and focuses more on themes of parenting, race and class. Ali is possibly playing GH, half of the older couple who are the house where Amanda and Clay live. It looks like Roberts is willing to play Amanda, but in anticipation of more information, much will remain a mystery about the upcoming film.

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