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The latest device that is plagued by a ‘jelly scrolling’ problem is the iPad mini 6. So far it is unclear whether a hardware error or a software error is causing it.

Only days after the new iPad mini’s market release, some users have started reporting a strange ‘jelly scrolling’ effect that makes text lines appear shaky on the screen. However, this is not a unique issue for the iPad mini or tablets in general. In 2017, several OnePlus 5 users reported a similar jelly-like effect when browsing an app, but the company then ruled out any hardware defects. A quick look at the official Apple forum reveals that even older iPad models have a similar issue causing content on the screen, especially text, to appear shaky.

The problem that content on the screen looks slightly skewed as it scrolls is especially noticeable when reading a text that is heavy, as the text lines tend to look wavy. In the past, some users have even reported that they can see the images slightly distorted from side to side. Although hardware failure seems to be the most likely culprit for such issues, users in support forums often suggest that a device be repaired to get rid of the issue.

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The discrepancy was highlighted by the latest release of the ‘jelly scrolling’ edition on the 6th generation iPad mini The edgeif Dieter Bohn was tweeted a video of the issue in action. Several complaints on Reddit, blog forums and even a few queries about Apple Discussions suggest that the issue is not one-time. The strange scrolling behavior occurs when content on one side of the screen moves faster than the other half, resulting in slight distortion and a wavy motion effect. YouTube channel Teoh on Tech also highlighted and demonstrated the problem in a recent video.

Unclear whether hardware error or software error

iPad Mini Jelly Scrolling Issue

The effect of the jelly scroll is only noticeable when viewing the content in portrait mode, and it is said that it does not exist if you use the iPad mini in landscape orientation. At this stage, it is unclear whether the issue is widespread or limited to a small number of iPad mini devices. In addition, it can not be said with certainty whether hardware imperfections cause the strange visual effect, or that it is due to software-related problems. Apple has yet to acknowledge and release another official statement on the issue.

In the past, Samsung has introduced software updates to fix screen issues on its phones, with a recent example being the ‘green tint’ screen issue of the Galaxy S20 Ultra. Apple usually follows a strict quality control procedure for its devices, so if the problem is due to hardware defects, iPad mini 6 buyers will probably be eligible for a free replacement. However, it is very likely that Apple will first try a software update to fix the shaky role problem before launching a repair or replacement program.

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Source: Dieter Bohn / Twitter

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