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Former Bachelor Head Peter Weber has opened up about his thoughts on Hannah Brown’s appearance during his season, revealing that he thought she would return.

Peter Weber recently opened up about his thoughts on Hannah Brown’s appearance during the filming of his season of The old guy, including how he was sure she would return later. Peter was third on Hannah’s season, after Tyler Cameron and Jed Wyatt. His season of The old guy was filmed just four months after Hannah’s finale for The Bachelorette has been filmed.

Peter and Hannah formed an in-depth connection over the season that they both liked to talk about. They are experiencing a beautiful one-on-one, the infamous fantasy suite windmill date and a heartbreaking last farewell in week 9. Although her now-ex-fiancé, Jed Wyatt, received the last rose, their relationship finally ended when it was revealed Jed Maybe a friend attended the show and furthered his musical career. Follow her Dancing With The Stars wins, Hannah gets out of the limousine on the first night of Peter’s season to give back his pilot wings. She later returns to a group date, where she almost decided to join the show and compete for Peter’s heart.

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On September 3, Peter appears on the Game of Roses podcast with his roommate, Dustin Kendrick. During the interview, Peter was asked how it felt to see Hannah get out of the limousine the first night. He remembers that she was stunned at first, and then hopeful that she would stay on the program to give it another chance, and then be overwhelmed with the whole situation. Peter said he was sure the manufacturers would eventually bring her back. He remembered that even on week 9, one of the last recording weeks, he had asked them on the plane to Australia if there were any plans for her arrival and let them know that it would break him.

The Bachelorette's Hannah Brown: A timeline of her relationship is after the finale

After the recordings for Peter’s season ended, he and his last rose winner, Hannah Ann Sluss, ended their engagement. After being briefly reunited with Madison Prewett, Peter tried to enter into a relationship with his fifth-place finisher, Kelley Flanagan. The couple finally ended things after eight months. As for Hannah, she’s been in a relationship with model Adam Woolard for over eight months now. The two first met on a dating app and have been living a fairy tale ever since.

It’s hard not to feel for Peter, after he fell for someone, broke his heart and then went on to do it again in public. Perhaps a break was beneficial for him, although the quick turnaround from participant to Bachelor did lead to a crazy season. It’s interesting to think about what would have happened if Peter and Hannah had worked on their relationship outside the camera. Yet they both seem happy and content with where their lives have ended up.

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Source: Game of Roses

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