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The PlayStation 5 is incredibly easy to get in China, and some retailers even sell it in-store, as opposed to just exclusively online.

It may be easier to get a PlayStation 5 in China as almost anywhere in the world; both imported consoles and the actual licensed Chinese PS5 consoles are widely available, although some are sold at a higher price. This is in stark contrast to how difficult it is to obtain the highly coveted console in other countries, namely the United States.

Electronic manufacturers, including Sony, expect the PS5 shortage to last until 2022 or 2023, but efforts are still being made to increase supply in time for the greater demand for the holiday season. Retailers regularly reload the console, but it is almost always sold out within minutes. The huge demand and influx of bots and scalpers has ensured that the console will remain quite a rarity until Sony can get consoles on store shelves and keep them in stock. That said, there is at least one country that apparently has no problem with stocking PS5s.

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According to a report by Play Bible, the PS5 is very easy to reach in China. The PS5 went on sale in China earlier this year and it looks like the console is just as easy there as any other gaming system. Although the console is easily available in-store and online, imported consoles are much more profitable as it is not limited by the local restrictions in China. The imported consoles cost between 5300 and 5500 Chinese yuan, which is about $ 850 dollars. It is widely believed that PS5s are so easily accessible because Chinese gamers prefer PC and mobile games to consoles, which means that there is not such a huge demand for Sony’s new console without a price reduction.

Best improvements to the PS5 system update in September

There is no idea how difficult it would be to get a PS5 in China if there was a greater demand, but it probably would not differ too much from other countries. This could soon become easier outside of China, as Best Buy sells PS5s in-store, which is the first. Retailers accepted orders for the new consoles online and picked them up in the store, but there was no way to walk into a store and take one off the shelf without pre-ordering.

Many old exclusive PlayStation 5 still remain at the top of the sales charts due to the lack of console. As so many people get the console months after launch, the newcomers get older titles, such as Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Earlier this month, the Spider man spin-off is the second best-selling game in the UK, although it was released in November 2020. PlayStation 5.

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