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The writers of Lost season 6, last season, say they had no regrets about ending the show and wish they could have done so sooner.

The authors of ABCs Lost The TV show regretted that they ended the show. Created by JJ Abrams, Damon Lindelof and Jeffrey Lieber, Lost follows the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815, a plane that crashes on a mysterious island. The island seems to have a strange connection with all the survivors, and it unravels their lives through the series. Partly scientific, partly supernatural and partly action thriller, Lost was one of the most popular TV series of all time, lasting six seasons and a total of 121 episodes. Showrunners Lindelof and Carlton Cuse were the lead writers in the series, both praised and criticized for revealing one mystery after another, and apparently having no end in sight.

The show featured Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Josh Holloway, Terry O’Quinn, Daniel Dae Kim, Naveen Andrews, Emilie de Ravin, Yunjin Kim and Harold Perrineau. It also features a large variety of guest stars during the six seasons, many of whom have since starred in a variety of successful projects. JJ Abrams was a great Hollywood director and worked on both Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, while Lindelof later worked on features such as World War Z and The hunt, as well as the hit HBO programs The leftovers and Guards.

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During a guest appearance on The Storm Podcast, Lindelof said that despite the constant build-up of unsolved riddles from episode to episode, the writers knew that Lost He would finish in season 6. In fact, he said that the team made the decision early in the middle of season 3, and that they did not regret it when they ended it. Lindelof said the writers wish they could have gone the other way anyway and ended it sooner. Read his comments below:

“There was never any regret on our part. There was no moment that we were like ‘oh, maybe there should be a season 7. If it’s the other way around, we can convince them to end it in five.’

Jack and Vincent in Lost finale

While Lost was a series program, it was one of the first to break the bonds of continuity and turn back in the survivors of the survivors who bound to their current stories. These storylines always seem to have been put together in a significant way, often related to the island itself. Lost was also a show that reminded viewers that no character is ever safe. Many fan favorites have been killed from season to season, causing a tension that has only been seen again at HBOs Game of Thrones. By the time the show reached its end, viewers were so invested that it was almost impossible to conclude in a way that would satisfy everyone. Lindelof promised not to comment on the Lost finale for a long time after it aired, to allow viewers to absorb and reflect on themselves, rather than to let someone tell them what it’s about.

Lost It was nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon, and while it was often confusing, would confuse and frustrate viewers with each new mystery, the suspense, performances, characters and depth of the story kept the plot up to date with each new season. Fans could not wait to see what would happen next, but in time it became like a journey through the desert, with nothing but a mirror image. The final season, however, brought a sense of finality and answered most of the questions posed throughout the series. However, the show has caused quite a stir, which is a testament to the compelling nature of what the creators have created. Lost is a rewarding show that provides a great look, especially for those who have not seen it yet, and it keeps fans from returning to the island time and time again.

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Source: The Storm Podcast

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