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Lando Calrissian’s cyborg partner and Star Wars Lobot lover regularly proves his strength as a hero, magnifying the character’s role.

Warning! Spoilers for Star Wars: War of The Bounty Hunters # 4 ahead!

As Marvel goes deeper Star Wars through its vast universe, it is determined to put a big spotlight on the heroism of Lando Calrissian’s partner Lobot and its value to the Rebellion. To be able to do this, it describes a growing history of good deeds after his initial service to the Empire, which originally installed the cybernetic implant that gives him superhuman productivity. In Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters, There are two additional heroic acts to consider, his recovery from an Alliance ship and the elimination of an enemy ship.

Lobot was introduced on screen The Empire strikes Back, as the administrator of the cloud city Bespin, which provides a safe haven to the Rebels after the Empire destroyed their base on Hoth. He serves in this capacity with Lando Calrissian, who feels intense loyalty to Lobot, and is rightly willing to betray the Rebels after asking the cyborg to perform a service that endangers his life. He is later captured by the Empire and Lando is asked to save him. Since his rescue, this cyborg, whose Lobot-Tech headgear offers him productive costs at the expense of his personality, has appeared in the extended universe and helped the uprising in various ways.

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Star Wars: War Of The Bounty Hunters # 4 by Charles Soule, Luke Ross and David Messina expands his value to the rebellion with extra actions that match Lobot’s emerging story as a hero. Using his imperial implants, he completely eliminates the shuttle that delivers Han Solo’s frozen carbonite form, making Leia remark that he has become indispensable to the Alliance. This reflects an earlier claim that Lobot is the secret weapon of the Rebellion. Since he also helped repair the Millennium Falcon next to C-3PO while Leia and his company were on an earlier mission to pick up Solo, two of his heroic actions are deliberately highlighted in this issue.

When Leia Lobot is recognized as a secret weapon in Star Wars # 10, this was after he helped obtain important information from a protocol droid. In the issue of Charles Soule and Jan Bazaldua, Lobot proved that he could communicate with the droid, which was the key to understanding Trawak, a language the rebellion wanted to use in secret communication. In doing so, Lobot succeeded where Threepio failed, as previous attempts to communicate had only thrown C-3PO into the room.

Given the nature of these three actions, especially in contrast to Leia’s willingness to have Lobot killed for the information the rebels need, Lobot seems increasingly heroic. He showed that he was willing to sacrifice himself for the purpose, and also to demonstrate his value as a technological brain with a particularly invaluable insight into the technology of the Empire.

By revealing all the times Lobot has helped the Alliance, Star Wars is clearly determined to make him a hero who is the company he retains. This is another way to expand its role Star Wars reveals his rich history and reveals small and great heroic deeds that happened behind the scenes.

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