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Superman & Lois star Elizabeth Tulloch posts a photo of the screenplay for season 2, episode 1, revealing the title of the episode for the season premiere.

A new image of a Superman and Lois screenplay contains the title of the upcoming first episode of season 2. The latest entry in the Arrow verses, Superman and Lois stars Tyler Hoechlin and Elizabeth Tulloch as the iconic superhero and reporter respectively. Instead of exploring the origins of the superhero, the series focuses on a more mature phase of the couple’s life together. This follows the return of Clark and Lois to Smallville when they discover that one of their twin teenage sons, Jordan, owns superpowers.

The CW renews Superman and Lois for a season 2 in early March, based on the strength of the trial section, which aired in February 2021. Little has been revealed about the details of season 2, but much of the cast is expected to return, in some cases with more complete effects roles. Sofia Hasmik, for example, has been promoted to a series regularly for next season. Season 1 also features Erik Valdez, Inde Navarrette, Wolé Parks, Adam Rayner, Dylan Walsh, Emmanuelle Chriqui, and Jordan Alsace and Alexander Garfin as twins Jonathan and Jordan Kent.

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Tulloch has after Twitter to post a photo of the new Superman and Lois screenplay, and in the photo it is revealed that episode # 201 has the title “What Lies Beneath”. Tulloch’s excited caption reads, “Day one, season two!‘The photo also indicates that the episode was written by Brent Fletcher, a Marvel’s author. Agents of S.H..I.E.L..D., and the series’ co-creator Todd Helbing. Gregory Smith is the director. Check out Tulloch’s post below:

Tulloch’s post confirms that things are going on for production in season 2. Superman and Lois will probably only return in 2022. This is due in part to an already busy fall series for The CW. Star girl‘s second season only premiered in August and will air until September. Just like that, Super girl‘s finale is expected to premiere on September 21. Other shows from Arrowverse, including The flash and Batwoman, will complete most of the series.

With new Arrowverse episodes expected to appear this fall, the public will likely see some long-awaited transitions between series. For The flashSeason 8, The CW, has confirmed a five-episode Arrowverse crossover event titled “Armageddon”. In announcing role players for the five-part story, Superman and Lois characters are conspicuously absent. It is unclear whether this exclusion is based on design, or whether it is merely on scheduling issues. Anyway, Superman and Lois season 2 provides an opportunity for the series to bring more coherence with the rest of the Arrowverse.

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Source: Elizabeth Tulloch/ Twitter

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