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Batman is known for adhering to a strict “no guns” rule while fighting crime, but Titans season 3 gives Dick Grayson’s Nightwing his own version.

Dick Grayson’s Nightwing shares many traits with his mentor Titans – and it apparently contains a version of Batman’s famous “no guns” rule. Compared to other DC superheroes, Bruce Wayne’s Batman is known for the moral lines of vigilance in Gotham City. While the Caped Crusader can sometimes cloud anger and revenge, it is almost every repetition of the character that prevents him from using guns. This is entirely due to the fact that his parents were shot in a dark alley, and although some images are less firearm phobias (look at your Batfleck!), A refusal to carry guns remains a Batman trait.

With Bruce Wayne entering the city Titans season 3 the protection of Gotham City falls on Dick Grayson’s Nightwing and his supergroup Titans. As episode 6 (titled “51%”) begins, the gang is desperately searching for Scarecrow and Jason Todd before the looming spread in the city of a deadly anti-fear drug. Starfire and Blackfire wisely conclude that Scarecrow can be tracked down by the Gotham gangsters he works closely with, and visit Valeska Knox. The gang veteran is seriously excited about the Titans to help remove Scarecrow, and the two parties enter into an agreement.

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And this is during Titans season 3’s Valeska series starring Starfire reveals a fascinating detail about Dick Grayson. Even in the worst of circumstances, Dick will resolutely refuse to cooperate or enter into transactions with gangsters because it was gang violence that caused the death of his Flying Graysons family. Although the story has changed from time to time (Two-Face is responsible in Batman forever), Dick’s family was killed due to a feud between Haly’s Circus and the Gotham underworld, with the lycra-clad acrobats being unfairly caught in the crossfire. Dick’s rule is very much like Batman’s dislike of guns – both were inspired by the death of their parents, both men would rather fail than break their code, and both are strange moral boundaries to draw considering all that Batman and Robin does in the name of justice.

Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson and Savannah Welch as Barbara Gordon in Titans

It’s weird that Dick and Bruce do not always follow each other’s sacred rules. Although it is far from happy, Titans‘Dick Grayson is not afraid of at least the threat of a gun. During his recent kidnapping of Scarecrow, for example, Dick held a gun close and ensured that his prisoner would not suddenly move. The same goes for Batman and gangs in a sense. Although he would rarely (if ever) cooperate with the crowd, Batman did use it as an informant and sneaked through the Gotham underworld via his ‘Matches Malone’ identity. Just like Titans‘Dick Grayson is not entirely against the use of weapons, Batman has not always kept gangsters within reach.

But giving Nightwing its own variation on Bruce Wayne’s “no guns” rule has a deeper meaning. More than ever before, Titans drew parallels between Dick Grayson and his mentor. Barbara Gordon scolded Dick for acting too much like Bruce during a strategy meeting, and before his mysterious disappearance, the Dark Knight himself told Dick: “be a better Batman. “It remains to be seen whether Grayson will actually put the lid on. Titans (he did for a while in the DC comics), but definitely season 3 will fans to note the growing similarities between this pseudo-dad-son-duo.

Dick’s reign also serves as a reminder of his tragic origin story. Through every Batman iteration, the Wayne murders hang heavy over every movement of the hero, but with Robin, the Grayson incident is usually nothing more than a flashback. Titans Season 3 makes Nightwing’s trauma fully present, first by revealing how Dick does not travel by plane, and now by his refusal to negotiate with gangsters.

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