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Former The Bachelorette star Hannah has written a book. Here’s what we know about the first literary attempt of this Bachelor franchise album.

The previous The Bachelorette leads Hannah Brown’s new book, ‘God bless this mess: learn to live and love through the best (and worst) moments of life,“will hit the shelves later this fall, and it’s time to discuss this autobiographical work. From her days as a solemn queen to winning the Mirrorball trophy on Dancing with the starsfans can expect to learn much more about Hannah’s life before, during and after her time in Bachelor Nation. They gain insight into how the franchise has impacted her life.

Hannah is known for being the 15th Bachelorette and she is also appreciated for her wicked sense of humor. The drama of her romantic trials and tribulations (as well as her endearing and energetic personality) attracted her many adoring fans. This former interior designer has always been a fan of journalism. Well, Hannah van The Bachelorette has embarked on a new career as a professional writer, and Bachelor franchise fans are excited.

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Classified as a memoir, “God bless this mess” can best be summed up by Hannah’s own statement: “My life was a total mess, and God bless it all. Because this is the mess where we can learn the most – as long as we slow down enough to realize what God is trying to show us.“The book will discuss how Hannah’s time in competitions and reality TV made her a public figure at a young age. It will also tell how she took control of her life by watching how she lived in the public eye. Hannah will not refuse to share difficult and painful experiences with fans, including moments that tested her relationship with her faith.Hannah lived with depression.

The book will be released on November 23, with hardcover copies available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and HarperCollins. Signed copies will also be available at Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million, while e-book versions will be available at Apple Books and Google Play. Hannah also announced that “God bless this mess“will be available to fans as an audiobook by Audible. It is narrated by Hannah herself.

As for Hannah’s love life, fans can definitely expect to know more about her time The old guy and as the leadership of The Bachelorette. They also learn more about her past relationships from the program. Whether it’s about her bond with runner-up Tyler Cameron (they had a falling out before reconnecting last year) or her decision to try her luck again with the second runner-up and finally Bachelor Peter Weber, fans will have a wild ride. Along with her past relationships, it is possible that Hannah will include details of her friendship with her The Bachelor alum Matt James, whose season has historically changed the Bachelor Nation.

Outside The old guy franchise and her time in competitions, fans can expect to discover more details about Hannah’s personal life. Her loyal supporters hope to gain deeper insight into her current relationship with Adam Woolard and the reasoning behind her decision to move to Los Angeles. Hannah’s book is generally expected to reveal even more about The Bachelor franchise, so it should be a good read.

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