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Netflix is ​​juggling multiple shows based on the He-Man brand and the Masters of the Universe, which may seem confusing, but it’s a really smart strategy.

Netflix has a lot of confidence in He-Man and the masters of the universe, juggling multiple competitive He-Man shows, but why? Reboots and sequels like those of Kevin Smith Masters of the Universe: Revelation arrive at the same time as the CGI He-Man and the masters of the universe 2021 reload shortly after completion of the related adjustment She-Ra and the Princesses of Power. Furthermore, the He-Man performances make no connection to each other, all with separate continuities — thats a lot for one streaming platform.

In 2020, Netflix will end its successful reload of She-Ra, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, which began in 2018. When a new He-Man show was announced, the obvious question was: would it share the same universe? After all, He-Man and She-Ra were twins in the original 80s cartoons, toys and comics. But when Masters of the Universe: Revelation released in 2021, the answer was clearly no, they do not coexist. Now, with another He-Man show, the CGI remake He-Man and the masters of the universebecause of course it also has nothing to do with the other two, it’s easy to wonder why there are so many different He-Mans in the room and why each He-Man looks so different.

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The answer, as with many things, probably lies in marketing. All of these Netflix properties are just not meant to be seen by the same audiences. The intended audience for Masters of the Universe: Revelation are people who grew up with the original He-Man cartoon. He-Man and the masters of the universe is aimed at a younger and completely new audience. It is very much in keeping with the look and design of other successful properties aimed at the same age group Star Wars Clone Wars, but with the divergent manifestations of the power of Grayskull standing for The Force. This is the task of He-Man and the masters of the universe to take advantage of what is being proven and apply it to a new audience. Arguments can arise about favorite continuities of Masters of the Universe, but such audience involvement only strengthens the overall brand. He-Man and the masters of the universeIf successful, it still achieves its goal of creating a brand identity in the minds of a new generation so that they can have their own kind Masters of the Universe: Revelation 40 years from now.

The only risk that a large business would have with marketing simultaneous continuity at the same time is the risk of confusing consumers. However, other properties from a similar time and similar age groups have already proved this confusion to be untrue. Both Transformers and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Since brands have been juggling conflicting continuities for years with a view to different age groups. The brand development behind Transformers have agreements with Hy-Man. The question is not so much why there are conflicting He-Man continuities, but why did it take so long? Netflix is ​​the safest option for a streaming platform, and several programs aimed at different age groups with a view to tracking brands is the most sensible step.

It can easily be cynical about stories designed by committees, but the original He-Man and the masters of the universe was one of the earliest examples of focus groups and marketing research that prescribes content. Several He-Men competing in the market are just the step of the brand into a new future. Besides, if the continuity ever gets too conflicting, fantasy stories also offer unlimited potential Hy-Man reload and rewrite, to ensure that, just like the ancient Greek myths of Hercules, there will always be some version of He-Man.

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